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Munchkin’s Closet

Posted on: June 8, 2011

I have the most awful time trying to keep my little munchkin’s closet clutter-free.  The last time it was neat and tidy was before he was born a long time ago!

His closet is overrun by clothes that are too big, clothes that are too small…my wedding dress too!  We also were storing several garbage bags worth of hand-me-downs from friends of ours because I was previously too lazy to sort through them.

Last week, I finally buckled down and sorted through all the clothes, storing away the ones munchkin has grown out of (old diaper boxes work great for this!) and hanging up a lot of the donated clothes.  Thankfully, he hadn’t grown out of many of them yet!  My wedding dress remains there just because we don’t have room for it in our master closet and because munchkin isn’t at a stage where he can do much damage to it…yet (I’d better knock on wood now that I’ve said that!).

Eventually, I want to put in more shelving but there are MANY more projects that need to be tackled first…the list is too long to share.  Something I want to do soon is make some hanger signs to indicate the clothing sizes…there’s so many different size ranges that we have right now, waiting for munchkin to grow more and I’d love to be able to pick a shirt without having to search for the right size.  But for now, I’m happy with how the closet looks…finally!


2 Responses to "Munchkin’s Closet"

Good job! Looks great.

You did a great job. I miss all those cute little clothes in my home. Thanks for linking to the party.

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