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My First Kijiji Purchase!

Posted on: June 7, 2011

I haven’t had good luck with Kijiji in the past.  I pursued several different dressers and shelving units when I was putting together my son’s nursery two years ago.  I never heard back from any of the sellers.

I was recently browsing Kijiji again in an attempt to renew my faith in the system and I stumbled across an ad for a set of two bookshelves for $50.  We are in desperate need for shelving because I am tired of searching through milk crates to find a DVD to watch.  I got an email back and followed up with a phone call but the seller wouldn’t hold the bookshelves until the next day when I could pick them up.

Disheartened, I resigned myself to not getting affordable shelving but went back to Kijiji, looking at the new ads.  And behold, I found another ad, for a set of two bookshelves…for $40!  They were the same size and were nicer, with a door on the bottom section for concealed storage.  I immediately sent off an email, got one in return and arranged to pick them up today.

We almost didn’t get them because I misread the address but we now have our new bookshelves sitting on our front porch.  They’re primed with Zinsser Cover Stain primer (works on laminate furniture without sanding…LURVE!) and hopefully will get painted this weekend!  They will be the starting point of a built-in storage unit in the basement (or hubby’s man cave, if you will)…can’t wait to get rid of the milk crates!


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[…] scored two bookshelves for $40 through Kijiji a few weeks ago but wasn’t totally in love with the finish.  I painted them […]

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