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May Summary/June To-Do

Posted on: June 1, 2011

I didn’t do too badly in May!  I also got a lot of things accomplished that weren’t on this list.

May To-Do List
For Me:
add toning/strength exercises to my regular exercise routine  I have started doing P90X…tonnes of toning exercises!
-read a new book…no…I should probably stop adding this to my list because I never do it.

Crafts/Home Decor:
-make an organizer for all my jewelry…nope, my jewelry is still in a tangled mess in my plastic storage bucket
make card for an upcoming wedding that we’re attending I left this to the last minute so I found a card that I had already made and used that

better organize my munchkin’s closet I just did this today…what a difference!
-re-organize scrapbooking area…no, I didn’t do this.  Hubby dangled the idea of drywalling the scrapbook area of the basement so I’m waiting for this to happen before I put my stuff back in its proper places

-try two new recipes…I don’t think I even tried one new one
try a new restaurant Idlewyde was excellent…expensive, but excellent
get seeds for vegetable and herb gardens Not only did I get all the seeds, but all my gardens are now planted and I’m already seeing sprouts of onions, peas, lettuce and chives!

set up continuous savings plan for munchkin’s RESP Did this today as well.  They also gave us a deal on a youth savings plan that we started for munchkin…we made an initial deposit of $25 and the bank will match it in 2 months!  Yay for free money!
-buy life insurance…no, because our bank branch doesn’t sell it directly.  I do have all the appropriate contact numbers to get quotes this month thought
make Mother’s Day gifts I made a sugar hand scrub for my mom and mom-in-law

June To-Do List
For Me:
-be consistent with P90X workouts
-watch a new movie

Crafts/Home Decor:
-get pictures developed for scrapbooking
-finish four scrapbook pages
-create jewelry organizer

-organize third bedroom (again!  sigh!)
-organize serving dishes into new dresser upstairs

-start formulating ideas for winter holiday open house (I know it’s super early, but that’s how I roll)
-try two new recipes

-buy life insurance
-figure out Father’s Day gifts


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