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(Trying To) Conquer Paper Clutter

Posted on: May 30, 2011

I have a problem with paper clutter.  No matter how often I resolve to file all my bills and statements away immediately upon receiving them, it never lasts more than a week.

We have a small cabinet at the end of our kitchen countertop and this is where my paper clutter always gathers next to the phone.  It’s always slightly annoying as the stack of paper slowly gets higher and more precarious but it’s really irritating when I need to find a particular piece of paper.  I know it’s in there somewhere but I can never find it without searching through the growing stack twice.  Notice how the stack of paper is leaning precariously to the right!

Today, I had finally had enough.  I found a stacking paper organizer in our office where it wouldn’t be missed (because it’s not really an office so much as a catch-all room for everything that doesn’t have a place).  I put this in the cabinet at the end of the countertop after rearranging a few things.  The bottom section will hold papers that are ready to be filed away and the top section will hold papers that still require action such as bills to be paid, mail-in rebates or my licence sticker renewal form.

I took the small paper organizer from the phone tray and put it in the cabinet as well to hold smaller papers that we reference often, such as the green box allowance card or babysitter info.

The top of the cabinet is now clear save for the phone tray, which is cleaner after removing the small paper organizer and adding an extra pencil cup to hold all my dry erase markers.  Only time will tell if it will stay this way!


3 Responses to "(Trying To) Conquer Paper Clutter"

I love organizing but paper always seems to be the biggest problem.

um. yeah. have the same problem here! I have the 2011 file folders stashed at one end of the kitchen counter, where the small tv helps hold them up. not too well planned. very often, i considered paper the bane of my existence.

Thanks for joining the linky party. I hope to see you again this week.

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