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A Lawn-Care Weekend

Posted on: May 21, 2011

Last summer, I wrote about our awful lawn and told you about the multitude of weeds.

This weekend, my hubby and I made a valiant attempt to revive our lawn.  We cut the grass, raked, seeded, raked again (as per the seed instructions) and watered.  Will our efforts come to nought?

I desperately hope not!  I bought grass seed that can apparently grow on concrete when applied properly and since hubby and I followed the instructions to the letter, it had better work on our lawn!  We have a very eager toddler in the house who loves playing in the grass and we want our lawn to be nice for him.

And for me, I admit.  Hubby hates dandelions and he once again spent hours pulling them out of the front lawn (oh, I missed a step above…we also filled the dandelions holes with black earth).  He hates the weeds…I would be at peace with them if I weren’t so envious of our neighbour’s practically perfect lawn.  I figure weeds are green so they blend in but we can’t have prickly weeds like last year with a toddler.

I’ll let you know over the next few weeks how the lawn turns out.  We also put some decorative stones around the tree in our front yard this weekend and added some solar lights to our flower garden.

You get a glimpse at the awful lawn in the bottom of that picture!  Better things to come hopefully!


6 Responses to "A Lawn-Care Weekend"

i’m jealous of your ability to cut the lawn now that i’m moving to an apartment, but that is definitely way too much work.

you may come and cut the lawn at our house anytime

are you going to pay for my gas mileage??

not so much…i assumed you wanted to do it out of the goodness of your heart. i will let you snuggle the munchkin.

oooh, that’s quite the offer. i haven’t seen him in a while. perhaps i’ll have to come cut your grass for payment in snuggles, lol. from the kid, of course…i don’t need snuggles from you, that’s just weird.

Looks nice, Stacey. Sounds lke the lawn should improve, too.

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