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CWH6: Not so good for Ontario!

Posted on: May 17, 2011

I missed last week’s episode of Canada’s Worst Handyman because I was working but I made sure to tune in last night, even though hubby was off with the boys playing video games!

They introduced this episode by saying that all five contestants for this sixth season are from…Ontario!  Uh oh…so much for provincial pride!

In this episode:  plumbing…installing a trap underneath the heart shape tubs that were installed last week.  As always, the project is demonstrated by the resident handyman experts.  One handyman tries to use a jackhammer to drill a hole for the pipe through the cement instead of waiting for the industrial drill.  When he does get the drill, he lets go of the drill while it’s still running…brilliant!  One handyman doesn’t read his own notes from the expert lesson, and has to correct it.  He then realizes that he has forgotten to sand the ABS pipe before connecting the two pieces, but forges on ahead anyway.  His pipes also run upwards…not good news!
Plumbing success:  2 of 5 handymen

Up next:  installing heated towel racks.  This could get interesting!  The expert teaches them how to install a GFI outlet…and I learn something too.  The green screw on the bottom of the outlet coordinates with the cooper wire in the box because copper will eventually turn green with age.
One contestant is colourblind, and has to ask his helper.  Another reasons that it doesn’t matter which wire goes to which screw (the colours are supposed to match) because under the coating, they’re all copper.  Hand to forehead moment.
The towel racks come with templates to assist in drilling pilot holes for the brackets…and most of the handymen don’t use them.  One guy (copper wire guy) doesn’t know how to install wall plugs and he breaks his drill bit.  Epic fail!
Towel Rack success:  3 of 5 handymen

Project #3:  installing hanging chairs.  The instructions are simple…drill a hole, insert an anchor into the ceiling, twist in an eyehook.  Since half of the handymen can’t use a drill properly, the holes are too big and the anchor won’t fit.  The handywoman completes her first ever successful project with this one!  The handymen are told to use a piece of copper wire inserted straight into the hole to make the anchor fit properly, so the eyehook will go in.  Things I have learned:  2!
Chair success:  4 of 5 handymen…up to 80%!

And finally, the group project.  Copper wire guy is the foreman because he was the most improved…yikes.  The task is to install a ‘living wall’…a self-watering botanical garden mounted to the wall.  Mayhem ensues as the foreman does everything wrong after watching the how-to video provided by the manufacturer of the ‘living wall’ (who btw, can install the living wall in two hours!).  Cooper wire guy tries to strip wire with his teeth…hope he’s got a good dentist!
Another epic fail after five hours of work!

And the worst for this episode…can you guess?  Copper wire guy!


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