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Me vs. The Gardens, Round Three

Posted on: May 16, 2011

My hubby and I have been in our home for three years, so this will be the fourth summer and my third attempt at gardening on my own, without my mother’s nagging encouragement.

The first year, the gardens won with an easy knockout.  I planted flowers and shrubs in the front and veggies in the back.  Then I got pregnant and spent the entire summer indoors so my nauseated stomach could relax on the couch.  The weeds grew and the plants died…and I didn’t care at all!

The second year (last year), I had more success.  I picked veggies that we were more likely to eat instead of feeling like I needed to plant a huge variety.  I selected shrubs and flowers that are more hardy and require less maintenance.  I planted some summer bulbs and we enjoyed eating some of the vegetables I harvested in early summer, including a super bumper crop of parsley.  Then I lost interest in maintaining the gardens and only did it occasionally during the rest of the summer.

Disappointed with my marginal success, I thought ahead last fall and planted some spring bulbs and garlic.  The bulbs are already blooming and have added a lot of colour to our front yard (tulips, crocus and daffodils).  I have already planted some herbs in the front yard (basil, parsley, sage, mint and chives) and started on the veggies on the back (broccoli, onions, rosemary).

I’m determined to win this round of me. vs the gardens.  I have trimmed down my grow list even further, focusing on vegetables that I know we will eat regularly.  I’m still planning to plant cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and carrots.  I’m trying to commit myself to going a little bit of gardening work each day, but we’ll see how that goes since I’m also working fulltime as an RN…shift work doesn’t leave a lot of time/energy for gardening!


3 Responses to "Me vs. The Gardens, Round Three"

Good for you, Stacey!! I’m still working on gardens – and we always enjoy some fresh food no matter what. I’m sure you’ll do a great job.

Nagging encouragement? Hmph. However, I love you, so will still give you some tomato and pepper plants. Besides, that ability to lose interest in garden maintenance by the end of the summer may be hereditary ….

no no…not nagging…i crossed that out and changed it to encouragement
yay…thank you for the tomato and pepper plants…my mommy is the best!

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