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A Show We Can Both Agree On

Posted on: May 4, 2011

My hubby and I have very different tastes when it comes to television viewing.  There are two shows throughout the entire week (excluding football season) that we can agree to watch together.  One is Survivor (and I could live without it…I more watch it because he does).

The other, and a must-see for both of us, is Canada’s Worst Handyman on Discovery Channel.   LOVE THIS SHOW!

They bring five terrible handymen/women from around Canada and send them to handyman ‘rehab’, where they are taught the proper way to fix and improve things around the home.  Two resident experts teach a class every week about how to complete the week’s project and they complete each project themselves.

This season, each group of handyman/nominator is going to turn a Niagara Falls hotel room into a romantic honeymoon suite.  The first challenge is to get into the hotel room safely, which is secured with a chain and bar lock.  They try to use hack saws and hammers to get into the room, which is a tedious task for some.

The next challenge is to follow VERY SIMPLE instructions to install a vibrating motor onto the bed.  It’s amazing to me how people either can’t comprehend the instructions, or simply refuse to read them!

They also had to build a heart-shaped box at home before coming to rehab.  I admit, it wouldn’t have occurred to me to build it like the experts demonstrated, but I’m sure I could have done a better job than the bad handymen!

Probably the most important project of the entire season, and one which will affect the handymen for the entire season is when they have to make a work bench that they will use for their stint in rehab…if this project goes badly, it doesn’t look good for the future!

Next up:  demolition!  Typically, the handymen forge ahead and destroy everything in the room, without caring about the repairwork they’re creating for themselves later.  I love when they count how many times someone does something wrong…50+ sledgehammer hits for a job that should be done with a reciprocating saw!

At the end of each episode, the experts deliberate and pick a ‘most improved’ handymen and the worst for each episode.  The most improved gets to lead the group project the next week, and the worst gets homework to help them improve.

My husband and I watch this show religiously, every week and we are always amused to see how incompetent the handymen are.  The stunning lack of common sense and inability to read instructions is incredible!


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