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Earth Day Organizing Challenge

Posted on: April 26, 2011

Jen over at IHeart Organizing issued an organizing challenge last week in honour of Earth Day.  The point of the challenge was to take something you already had in your home and re-use it in your organizing efforts.

I did several little organizing project today, the first one being a cable organizing inspired by a similar project I saw on Pinterest (BTW…LURVE Pinterest!).  I took a photo box I had in the basement and filled half of it with toilet paper rolls to hold little cables (they’re the perfect size…didn’t have to cut them down at all!).  I left the other half open to hold larger cables so now our cables are neatly organized in a much smaller box!

I also organized our box of computer discs and manuals.  I had an IKEA CD box that I used to put all the discs and smaller manuals in, while I moved the larger manuals/warranties into the box already holding such items for other rooms of the house.

After that, I took the old computer box to reorganize our stash of baby dishes.  The container I had been using wasn’t big enough and plates/bowls/spoons were spilling out all over the place.  I used an empty Kleenex box to hold the utensils within the bigger plastic container and it works so much better now!  You can see my little helper getting in on the organizing action!

What a great challenge!  It’s amazing the difference little projects like this can save space and increase functionality!


3 Responses to "Earth Day Organizing Challenge"

Love seeing that cord solution in real life, working it’s wonderful magic! I can’t wait to do the same here! And all your other projects turned out equally great, congrats on all you accomplished!

Thanks for linking up!


I hope you have room for another of your little helper’s plates that is still here. Also a plastic container – is it yours?

Good ideas, Stacey!

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