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Old Dresser Revamp

Posted on: April 18, 2011

Last month, I showed you a dresser that I wanted to refinish.  Well, it’s finally finished and instead of being hidden away in our spare bedroom, it has found a new home in our updated living room upstairs.  Here’s a reminder of the before:

I started the process by sanding down the dresser with my dad’s palm sander (I need to get myself one of those!).  It took longer than expected and because there were inset panels on the sides, I also had do some hand sanding because the sander wouldn’t fit into the corners.  I used furniture stripper to remove the varnish in the corners so it wasn’t so much work to sand it by hand.

Once that was all done, I applied four coats of a combination product that included stain and varnish.  My friend Shanno came over and helped me with the first coat and I did the remaining three over the course of a week.  I didn’t expect to use that many coats (and had to make a trip back to RONA to get another can of stain) but it didn’t turn out as dark as I had hoped after the first two coats.  It’s still a little lighter than I would prefer but still looks pretty good.

I had removed the old handles prior to sanding the dresser and I bought new chrome handles at Home Depot.  There was just one problem…when I went to install them, the old screws had created divots on the inside of the drawers so the screws were inset and made the handles too loose.  So off I skipped to RONA again and picked up some little washers to fill the divots and the handles fit tightly and properly!

This was the first time I’ve done a larger project without the help of my dad or my hubby and I’m pretty proud of myself.  I look at it now, sitting in our new, beautiful living room and really appreciate all the time and effort I put into it.  I can’t wait for my next refurbishing project!

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1 Response to "Old Dresser Revamp"

Grandpa & I have just been admiring your handiwork & your lovely living room – good work! I’m afraid I’m not much for re-finishing, though there’s lots here that needs it. Auntie Win has done a lot though, & finds it very satisfying, too.

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