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New Living Room Furniture!

Posted on: April 17, 2011

Last weekend, I blogged about my old living room furniture being taken away and donated to Bibles for Missions.

That same weekend, with a little munchkin in tow, my mom, sister, friend and I made a trip to our local IKEA…and by local, I mean 1.5hrs away!  I had already picked out my furniture online ahead of time but who doesn’t love a slow leisurely walk through the showroom to see all their wonderful decorating ideas?

My husband, that’s who.  And that’s why his name was not included in the above list.  I’ve never seen him so excited to have to work a Saturday morning!

But I digress.  The trip to IKEA went smoothly…except for a slightly panicked moment at the checkout and my new furniture was soon nestled in the back of the truck for the trip home.

Couches and chairs from IKEA require very little assembly, so there were very few moments of frustration spent staring at the little cartoon characters that tell you what to do as you assemble.  Before I knew it, the furniture was ready for placement in our living room.

My new living room is all arranged, complete with the refinished dresser that I’ll show/tell you about in more detail tomorrow and I LURVE the new look!  Eventually, I want to add a window seat for extra seating and to store my scrapbooks and perhaps an electric fireplace where the dresser is, but for now, it’s perfect!


2 Responses to "New Living Room Furniture!"

Looks fabulous!!

Stacey – it looks wonderful!! I love the light look with the dark wood.

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