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New Bathroom Look

Posted on: April 12, 2011

Our upstairs bathroom has needed an update since…well, since we moved into this house over three years ago!

The shower curtain, bath mat and other such accessories came from my apartment and they have started to show their age.  The shower curtain was ripped at both ends and so when we got an unexpected bonus cheque from our alarm monitoring company, both hubby and I agreed it would be used to update our bathroom.

I replaced the shower curtain, shower curtain hooks, bath mat, towels, soap dispenser, toothbrush cup and garbage can.  The accessories are chrome to coordinate with the fixtures and cabinet hardware.  The bath mats are white (but are reversible and machine washable…score!) and the towels are white with grey and black accents.  The shower curtain is black and the whole look is much more sophisticated than the previous motif.

The only problem may be the shower curtain because it makes our shower enclosure REALLY dark.  It may have to be replaced down the line but we’ll keep it for now.  Hubby suggested putting a light in the ceiling above the shower, but electrical work is his department so I’ll leave that up to him!

Sorry about the photo but the bathroom is narrow so it’s hard to get a good shot of the new improvements.  Guess it’s time to move all of these to the kids’ bathroom downstairs:


4 Responses to "New Bathroom Look"

i can’t believe you still had those old things from our apartment. they were ancient. when we moved out and you were like, can i take these? I was like, yeah…go right ahead. Then i toured your house and i giggled to see them there after them being in the apartment for so long.

Don’t install a light- get a touch battery waterproof light- LOVE THEM!

Looks good, Stacey! Our shower is dark, too, and I think a light would be nice.

When we moved in to our fixer-upper, the first thing we ripped out was our (really gross) bathroom. We put in a light above the shower, and I love it! Highly recommended.

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