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Posted on: April 10, 2011

On Friday, we said goodbye (and good riddance) to our living room furniture!

Three years ago, when I moved into our new house, it had not a stick of living room furniture. The couch we had was downstairs in the family room in front of the television and we had a giant empty space upstairs on the main floor.  A couple from our church graciously donated some furniture they were getting rid of.

Don’t get me wrong, we were very grateful to have it and the couch and chair have served us well over the past three years.  They were in good shape and were decently comfortable, and with the help of a few slipcovers, fit into our home rather well.

But the slipcovers weren’t the best.  They didn’t really fit the furniture properly (does any slipcover fit properly?) and so any time someone sat down, the slipcovers would come out and shift around.  I hated to see the fabric all bunched up and in disarray so I always painstakenly put it back to where it was supposed to be.

That worked for a while, until the fabric started ripping and getting small holes in it and then I was even more irritated with it.  The slipcovers never stayed in place long enough for my liking, so I decided that they must go and new furniture must arrive in its place…love income tax refunds for things like that!

So yesterday, I journeyed to a most wonderful place…IKEA!  This trip came a month earlier than I planned, thanks to a larger-than-expected refund and I’m so excited about the new furniture.  Because I am SO done with this:

Big reveal coming soon once I’ve finished the dresser I’m working on!


5 Responses to "Goodbye!"

and what an adventurous trip it was, lol. i’m working on my post about it right now, tee hee

Another reason for a visit!

Hey, I had that furniture for 25 years!

indeed…it’s had a good life here and now it’s on to a new home! we donated it to Bibles for Missions, so it will help in more ways than one!

[…] I finally got around to making them this past week.  I used fabric that I salvaged from the ugly slipcovers that graced our old couch and chair in the living […]

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