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March Summary/April To-Do

Posted on: April 1, 2011

All things considered, I didn’t do too badly in March.  Doing shift work makes it hard to get motivated!

March Summary
For Me:
continue to exercise as I have been  yes, I have done this…but I didn’t go swimming at all this month.
-read a new book…nope…but it’s not all my fault.  My friend was supposed to bring me some books to borrow but she forgot.
watch “The King’s Speech” technically, this should be a no, because when we went to the movies, “The King’s Speech” was gone.  Hubby and I saw “The Adjustment Bureau” instead.  It was pretty good, but I hate when I still have nagging questions at the end of a movie…they weren’t about anything critical, just my curious mind at work.

Crafts/Home Decor:
complete 4 scrapbook pages Yes!  I don’t know how many I finished, but I know it was more than four!
begin stripping an old dresser for restaining  Yes, the dresser is ALMOST done.  I made some major progress on it today.
finish home decor notebook Yes, all done with the info with the projects I have in mind!

-better organize the munchkin’s closet…nope, haven’t even touched it.  In fact, his whole room needs cleaning.

-try two new recipes…I tried one, an easy and yummy mac & cheese recipe
plan summer vegetable and flower gardens I’ve picked out the veggies I’m going to grow this year…and since I can’t remember where I planted my spring bulbs, I’ll have to wait and see where they bloom to plan the front flower garden.

-set up CSP for munchkin’s RESP…nope
-buy life insurance…nope…this is a MUST DO for next month!

To-Do List for April:
For Me:
-continue fitness schedule and start swimming again (I’m down 23 pounds!)
-run the Run for Retina 5k
-read a new book

Crafts/Home Decor:
-finish sanding and staining hubby’s old dresser
-put together living room with new furniture from upcoming trip to IKEA!

-clean and organize munchkin’s room
-put final touches on home management binder

-try two new recipes
-host a baby shower for a friend of mine
-get seeds for planting vegetable gardens

-set up continuous savings plan for munchkin’s RESP
-buy life insurance


2 Responses to "March Summary/April To-Do"

Lists are good, aren’t they! You feel like you’ve accomplished things, even if not all. And when I do something not on my list, I’m guilty of adding it & crossing it off! I’m in the same predicament as you are with my spring bulbs. I always think I’ll remember & never do. I guess a map would be a good idea. Sounds like you’ve been making the most of your home time. Family time is important, too, even if it isn’t a “list” item.

Yes indeed…there’s lots of time spent watching Drew play!
I just noticed this afternoon that some of my spring bulbs have starting poking through the soil…I hope winter doesn’t change its mind and come back!

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