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365 in 365: March

Posted on: March 31, 2011

This month, I really left my decluttering efforts until the last minute…like, five minutes ago!  Prior to today, I had gotten rid of one item so I just went racing around the house looking for things to purge so I could write this post!

But, I managed to get rid of  39 items in that short amount of time!  I put a bunch of stuff into my ongoing Goodwill box, including some kitchen towels I bought but never used and some pot holders I’ve never used.  I got rid of some decorations I bought a casino party we threw for New Year’s ages ago.

I am also getting rid of 9 pairs of patterned scrapbooking scissors.  I figured that 18 pairs is enough and since that’s what will fit in the wooden holder I have, I have to lose the rest of them.  If anyone in the London/St. Thomas area wants them, let me know!

Here’s the breakdown of the things purged this month:
bathroom:  5
kitchen:  10
scrapbooking:  9
miscellaneous:  15

Total for March:  39!  This brings my running total to 335 in 9 months!


2 Responses to "365 in 365: March"

I would like to see those scissors, Stacey. I have 3 pairs, but 2 are almost the same. Maybe Ange could use the dishtowels if she’s getting a place somewhere?? Just a suggestion. Maybe we could see them sometime on the weekend?
Grandma D

sure…we’re coming out for dinner at mom and dad’s so i’ll try and remember to come a few minutes early so you can look at them…there is quite a variety

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