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Waiting Patiently…

Posted on: March 18, 2011

…for my next trip to IKEA!

The last time I went was in preparation for baby munchkin’s arrival…that trip was in October 2009…I think I’ve waited long enough for a return trip!

I’m heading down in May to pick out a loveseat and two arm chairs for our upstairs great room and I’m SO excited!  We had a couch and chair donated to us just after we moved in (and we were very grateful for that donation!!) but it’s time for them to go.  The slipcovers I bought never really fit properly and it’s only getting worse every time someone sits down.  It shouldn’t take five minutes to fix the couch everytime someone lounges there for 3o seconds!

I could spend hours in IKEA…and therefore, will (most likely) not be taking the hubby with me for this trip.  He’s handy for carrying heavy items but the complaining and desire to get through the entire showroom and warehouse in under an hour isn’t worth it!  BTW, I haven’t promised him that he won’t have to go, so those of you who know him…SHHHH!

Our last trip mentioned above took about 45 minutes of shopping time because we knew exactly what we wanted and could get in and out quickly.  I realized on the way home that I felt severely deprived because I hadn’t gotten time to browse for all the neat things they have.  You know the ones I’m talking about…the super inexpensive decor items that somehow manage to get into your cart unnoticed until you get to the checkout and realize you’ve completely blown your budget!  So hense, hubby may be off the hook because I’m not willing to make the mistake of driving 3hrs round trip for only 45 minutes of shopping again!


4 Responses to "Waiting Patiently…"

dude…i thought we established that i would be your shopping buddy for this trip? i haven’t been in forever either, probably since before you went and i’m freaking dying to go and boyfriend would not be appreciative if i made him go too. i can lift heavy things, i’m totally buff (haha).

yes, you are a shopping buddy….my sissie may come too

what vehicle are we taking that will fit three people, a couch and two chairs?

I think your father will be fine with you borrowing his truck, but maybe not so happy about having to clean out the cab to the point where it can seat 3 people! I’m soooome miffed that I’m working that weekend, though. $:(

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