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New Dresser Coming!

Posted on: March 16, 2011

I worked an extra day this month…actually, it was a training day in managing aggressive behaviour.  Just try to mess with me now!

This extra day is going to help us pay for our new living room furniture (‘before’ pictures to come closer to our shopping trip), which I’m SO excited about…but more on that in another post.  We’re going to be purchasing a love seat and two chairs, so this furniture will be arranged differently than the couch and chair we have now.

This will leave the one major wall in our living room completely blank (eventually, I hope for an electric fireplace…but there’s a bunch of stuff around the house that we need to do first!).  To solve this, and gain more storage, I’m going to refinish the dresser my hubby had when we got married.  I’m envisioning a nice espresso finish and new hardware!

Right now, it’s sitting in our spare bedroom, also known as ‘the room where we put everything that doesn’t have a place’ so please excuse the clutter in the pictures.  It was quite full of stuff, including an entire drawer full of my hubby’s video/computer games.  Starting the process of refinishing this dresser is on my list of things to do this month, so I had to start with emptying it out.

I managed to condense the games into two plastic containers, which my hubby said he would sort through at his leisure (yay!).  I know there’s some game cases in those boxes that we no longer own the games to and I’m hoping we can get it down to one container!


2 Responses to "New Dresser Coming!"

wow…you got it down to two boxes? our stuff takes up at least 5 giant Rubbermaid bins in the basement…you’d have a fit, lol.

yup, just two…but that’s just the computer games that don’t get played anymore…there is still a ton of games that are played often that are scattered throughout the house

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