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Scrapook Saturdays: Photo Puzzles

Posted on: February 26, 2011

I don’t remember where I learned this technique but I use every once in a while and it creates a neat effect.  It involved cutting up a picture and putting it back together again so there are small gaps between the pieces, making it look kind of like a puzzle.  I wouldn’t recommend using it on pictures that have people in it unless you can make sure that you’re not cutting anyone’s face in a weird way.  I tried using this technique on pictures of our bridal party but my brother-in-law ended up with his face cut in half…funny, but not the look I was going for, haha!

I cut a picture into 1 inch squares and reassemble it onto card stock, leaving a small gap between each tile.  I’ve tried doing different sized squares and rectangles but it’s a lot harder to make everything line up evenly and it looks uneven once you’re done so I would stick with squares that are all the same size.

 Here are some examples…this is a picture of my wedding bouquet…

…and some fireworks from Canada Day celebrations in Port Stanley…


2 Responses to "Scrapook Saturdays: Photo Puzzles"

I’ll have to try that!

Photo puzzles are so fun! Thanks for linking this to Scrappy Saturdays last week!

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