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The Ugliest Desk in the World!

Posted on: February 25, 2011

My friend needed somewhere to store all her scrapbooking supplies and to do some scrapbooking in her spare time and her mom was gracious enough to give her an old desk that was no longer needed.

Sounds like a good solution, right?  Well, that’s not the whole story.  The desk was one that my friend’s sister had used in high school and written all over in permanent marker.  My friend’s boyfriend inspired the title of this post when he called it…”The ugliest desk in the world.”

Granted, he exaggerated a bit, but the permanent marker needed to be covered.  So she enlisted my help and we went about painting the desk so it would no longer be a complete eyesore.

We started with Zinsser Cover Stain oil based primer…it’s designed to cover glossy surfaces, so it was perfect for the laminate finish of the desk.  It grips nicely to the glossy laminate and without any sanding required…thus making it a good solution for my friend, who has self-professed her laziness!  We used cheap rollers and brushes so we didn’t have to worry about using paint thinner or mineral spirits to clean up afterward.  Zinsser carries a latex primer as well, but it has to cure for 7 days and we didn’t want to be forced into waiting that long.

We waited an hour between coats of primer, as according to the instructions on the back and then left it for a week just because of our work schedules.  We painted it a week later with latex based paint with a built-in primer…the paint store attendant told my friend that it would work better with the oil-based primer we had used.

The finished product is far removed from its beginnings and is a soft grey colour…no permanent marker to be found!

I have my own laminate painting project in mind…a storage cabinet from my inlaws that is an oak laminate.  I want it to be white because I have a dream of having a sterile white laundry room with some hits of red as an accent colour.


4 Responses to "The Ugliest Desk in the World!"

yes, it looks much better now. however, who wants to take bets on how long it will take me to buy the wheels for the bottom, to put the handles back on and reattach the slider bar thingies for the drop down shelf? And to probably pain the inside shelf that we didn’t do yet?? lol…laziness. I love it.

haha….i’m guessing at least a few weeks for the casters. the handles will be on sooner, otherwise you can’t use it very easily!

the boyfriend will insist on the casters before i can use it because otherwise it’ll scratch the hardwood floor. it might get done sooner rather than later just to shut him up.

MUCH better! 😀 Long live paint, huh? :p

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