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My Baby is One!

Posted on: February 16, 2011

My little baby boy just celebrated his first birthday on Saturday, and I can’t believe how fast a year has gone by!  More importantly, I can’t believe I’m already back to work, haha!

We had a party for the little munchkin the day before his birthday, since I was working the Saturday and because really, he’s not going to know the difference!  The menu included manicotti, Caesar salad and garlic bread, with cupcakes for dessert.  We decorated the house with helium balloons and streamers that matched the colour of his nursery.  Turns out (and I promise, this is purely coincidental), he was wearing a shirt that matched the colour theme of the party…scary, I know.

Some survival tips that helped me through the planning process:
Don’t refuse help when it’s offered
I had planned on making the garlic bread and salad myself but my grandmother, mother and sister all offered to contribute and I gladly accepted!  This saved me so much prep time and a little bit of money too!

Make as much food as possible ahead of time
The manicotti was made the day before and kept in the refrigerator overnight, so I just had to pop it in the oven on the day of.

Make sure to use recipes that you’re familiar with and that you know will turn out well
I learned this one the hard way and it’s a good thing I made the cupcakes the day before!  I’ve used recipes from www.wilton.com before and they turned out just fine.  I attempted to make chocolate fudge cupcakes but for some reason, they didn’t rise…AT ALL!  They were completely flat!  Since I had baked them on Thursday, I had Friday as a back up baking day and this time, used the yellow cupcake recipe from the same website and they turned out perfectly!

Ensure the dishwasher is empty before the party!
I ALWAYS make sure this is done before any large gathering or party and I can’t believe how much easier it makes my life.  The dishes get loaded right after dinner and the dishwasher is run…so it’s usually done and dried by the time the guests leave so I can unload and run it again just before I go to bed…and clean up is completely finished when I get up the next morning!

I decorated the cupcakes myself and it was the first time I’ve ever done so…the trick is getting the right icing tip and making sure the buttercream icing is the right consistency.  I used the 1M icing tip (which is basically a large star tip) which made a beautiful swirl of icing on the cupcakes.  I made the chocolate buttercream icing recipe from Wilton and had to add an extra two tablespoons of milk to get it to the right consistency for piping.  I sprinkled some non-pareils over the icing and stood back to admire my handwork…I admit to being pretty impressed with myself!


6 Responses to "My Baby is One!"

More to the point – Drew was also impressed by those cupcakes. Why isn’t there a pic of him wearing one? $:)

because i’m wary of putting my baby’s pictures on the internet when i can’t control who can see them

you would always blur out his face ;D

Because Drew might read this & see the pictures some day, Grandma – have a heart!!

wowzers, you will be a “professional birthday mom” before he’s 2!! so freaking organized women, makes me want to smack you a little! 😀

haha….good thing we’re in separate provinces if that’s the case!

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