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Scrapbook Saturdays: Pregnancy Scrapbook

Posted on: February 12, 2011

I spent a major portion of 2009 pregnant and decided that I should scrapbook the journey from belly to baby.  But I had a hard time getting started, not sure how to go about scrapbooking this time in my life, especially since I had thrown out most of my early mementos (ie. doctor’s appointment cards) by accident.

I searched online for ideas but couldn’t find a really concise list of neat things to include in my scrapbook so I thought I would share what I used to create my scrapbook.

Throughout my pregnancy, I saved…
-the card I gave my hubby to tell him about the pregnancy
-the pregnancy test itself (I’m a nurse so I didn’t find this icky)
-my prescription for Diclectin
-ultrasound pictures (of course!)
-pictures of the transformation from neutral bedroom to colourful nursery
-paint chips from the nursery paint
-fabric swatches (I sewed my own pillow covers, curtains and change table pad cover)
-pictures of the quilt made by my mom, the diaper bag I crafted and the crib made by my father-in-law and brother-in-law
-doctor’s appointment cards
-progressive belly pictures…I wish I had been more consistent with this, my pictures are from random weeks, not the typical milestones
-professional pictures
-baby shower pictures
-receipt from prenatal classes
-picture of my feet wrapped in cabbage…representative of the crazy things we do to keep ourselves comfortable!
-my hospital arm band from the delivery
-first family picture with hubby, baby and myself
-pictures of me and hubby holding baby separately

I also included journelling about my pregnancy symptoms, how I broke the news to hubby and how we had intended to tell our parents (a plan that was foiled by intense morning sickness and a trip to emerge!).

I included some cute quotes…”Life is tough enough without having someone kick you from the inside” and “By far, the most common craving of a pregnant woman is to not be pregnant!”

I also saved several of the cute cards from my baby shower because they had nice cartoons or pictures to add as embellishments to my pages.

Happy Scrapbooking!


4 Responses to "Scrapbook Saturdays: Pregnancy Scrapbook"

good for you!!! 😀
(pregnancy test is icky!! ;))

haha…i put that disclaimer in just for you!

I kind of figured! 😀

I guess I’m not the only weird person who saved the test!

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