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Baking Cabinet Organized

Posted on: February 9, 2011

My baking cabinet has been in dire need of an organizational treatment for a long time.  I’d done a half job of organizing it several times but today, I decided that enough was enough.  This is what it looked like before:

I emptied out the cabinet…and found several reasons that reinforced the fact that I should have done it long ago.  I found three empty yeast jars, two half boxes of graham cracker crumbs and two half bags of icing sugar (in addition to the pound of icing sugar I had bought just Monday for my son’s birthday cupcakes!).  Here is the after shot:

I organized the supplies in my baking cabinet according to those that I use most often so it will now be much more functional.  I made pretty labels for things that are stored in glass canisters by using a cursive font from my computer, adding funky scrapbook paper and adhering them with my old friend, packing tape.

Isn’t it pretty?  My hubby stared at me like I was crazy as I admired my organizing feat…but he does that a lot, so it doesn’t faze me anymore!


5 Responses to "Baking Cabinet Organized"

Bryan’s reaction makes me laugh! I just reupholstered the chairs in the dinning room and I keep asking Den if he likes them!! He’s getting pretty sick of answering the same question!! hah!

Men, they will never understand! Mine knows how long I have been attempting to get organized, so he is pretty good about hiding his amusement.

Nice job! I organized my baking cabinet for week 7 too! 🙂

It looks great. Thanks for linking to We’re Organized Wednesday.

All these week 7 blogs about the pantry makes me think it will be my project to tackle this week!

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