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365 in 365: December & January

Posted on: January 31, 2011

Well, I did just what I said I could in November and pretty much took the month of December off from my Decluttering Challenge.  I did clean my husband’s side of the closet and he purged some shirts that were too small.  I decided that it was time to stop holding on to the mis-matched socks.  I’ve been waiting for the matches to come through the wash for…well, let’s just say too long.  I also got rid of some pairs of socks that I can’t remember the last time I wore.

My hubby’s grandma came over for a visit just before Christmas and mentioned she was looking for some wine coloured sheer curtains.  The lightbulb above my head went off as I remembered I had some…they were the exact shade she was looking for…she got new curtains, I got less stuff in my basement!

I got rid of some Christmas decorations in the wake of my Christmas decor teardown in early January.  I also cleaned out the upstairs bathroom cabinets and got rid of a bunch of makeup I never wear and lotions/sunscreens that are long since expired…and who really needs three bottles of aloe vera?  Not us!

Clothes: 10
Home Decor:  1
Christmas:  5
Fabrics:  8
Bathroom:  35

December/January Total:  51    Running Total:  278


5 Responses to "365 in 365: December & January"

Better take that aloe vera along for Riley if we go to a sun tan spot again! You’ve inspired me to clear things out, too – I’m working on 54+ years of papers, pamphlets, info of every kind sheets, etc. Want any gardening tips? And beautiful pictures? or lovely old calendars? I figure your generation gets what they need online when it comes to info.

we keep getting rid of stuff too, but then I just bring more in. I think I’m developing a shopping problem because I’m bored at lunch time now that Mike is back in school, haha.

You can do that?!? Amazing!

I’m not quite sure what happened, but that should have read:

“I did clean my husband’s side of the closet …”

You can do that?!? Amazing!

yeah, i know….and amazingly, it’s stayed that way (so far!)

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