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Finally, A Solution!

Posted on: January 25, 2011

I have been searching FOREVER for a good way to organize my scrapbooking paper scraps.  I need a way that I can organize the scraps, keep them (relatively) orderly and still see what I have so I can use them and not have them sit in a drawer or box for ages.

Last week, I found it.  A browse through blogland caused me to stumble upon this idea and my problem was (almost) solved!  I had one of these organizers in my closet…mine wasn’t an over the door organizer but had a hook to hang on the closet bar.  It was sadly underused and most of the stuff in it, I never wore anyway.  So into the garbage/donation box they went and I had my storage solution.

I organized the scraps by colour, with two sections for white scraps (I use white cardstock a lot for my Cricut lettering in my scrapbooks) and one for patterned scraps.  I haven’t figured out where I’ll hang it permanently, but for now, it’s on the door handle of our cold room next to my scrapbook table in the basement.

Admittedly, it doesn’t solve the whole problem, because I still have some larger paper scraps that won’t fit in the organizer.  Those are in a clear plastic 12×12 paper container until I figure out a way to organize these better too.


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