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Organizing Fabrics

Posted on: January 24, 2011

I was big into sewing in university and I stocked up on fabrics whenever there was a sale at Fabricland.  With the exception of sewing pillow covers, curtains and a diaper bag for my son’s room, I haven’t sewn regularly in about four years and my supply of fabrics had fallen into disarray.

Originally, all the fabrics were neatly folded and stored in a plastic container.  But as I needed more storage space for other things, the fabrics got transferred from container to container and I didn’t bother folding anymore.  Here is what they looked like the other day when I went to organize…

The obvious first step was to get rid of all the fabric I knew I wouldn’t use.  I kept the ones that I thought I might find use for in crafting or home decorating.  That got rid of at least half of my stash.

I had some leftover pieces of cardboard from when I covered diaper boxes with ConTac paper (I removed the slim panels of cardboard that allow the box to close at the top) so I decided to turn them into mini bolts to hold the fabric.  I folded the fabric so the rough edges were inside and wrapped the pieces tightly around the cardboard.  I fit the bolts into the box vertically, so I can at a glance what fabrics I have.  Much better, eh?


3 Responses to "Organizing Fabrics"

I love how you put “eh” at the end. It makes me feel so very Canadian

Well! We’re on the same wave-length! I pulled out all my material last week, since I hadn’t been sewing either. I put it (not very neatly) in 2 big bags for your Mother to look through in case she could use some for quilting. However, since then I re-caught the sewing bug, so have ransacked the bags and been re-covering chair cushions! I think I’ve about finished, so will hand over the rest to your Mom.
Your “new look” fabric stash looks great!

Wow. Great idea! Nice and organized!

I’ve been getting into sewing more lately and it’s amazing how much fabric you can accumulate if you’re not organized!

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