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Scrapbook Saturday: Journelling

Posted on: January 22, 2011

Money has been tight as my maternity leave draws to an end, so I’ve been short on blog ideas since I can’t afford to buy crafty or home reno supplies, haha!

However, I have a wealth of scrapbooking pages that I’ve done over the years (2 complete albums, 4 albums that are thisclose to completion, 2 albums that I’m actively working on and 1 that I completed as a gift…more on that one later!) so I’m going to start a weekly series about scrapbooking.

I host scrapbook nights with some girlfriends at least once a month (sorry girls, this number will go down when I return to work but I promise to strive for consistency!).  We scrapbook, snack, chat…it’s a girly good time all around.  My husband retreats to his man cave in the basement to avoid us, haha.

Today’s post, as you’ve deduced from the title, is about journelling.  I wasn’t a big fan of journelling for a long time…I was always afraid of people thinking that it sounded corny as they read what I had written.  Then I realized something…the person who reads the scrapbooks the most, is me!  So really, the only person I have to please is myself…no easy task but this realization was slightly freeing.

I’ve come to rely on journelling as a way to document items for which I have no pictures and no mementos.  For example, my second wedding anniversary…I had forgotten my camera and lost the receipt for our dinner out.  So instead, I journelled about our Ben Thanh tradition and our browsing of the mall because we weren’t ready to go home yet.

Another example…this past summer, our family went up to a cottage (19 people+1.5 bathrooms…good times abounded).  Because I was on vacation and trying to actually relax, I didn’t have my camera with me at every waking moment and so I missed pictures of some hilarious inside jokes.  On our way home (I didn’t even wait until we had arrived home), I wrote down some of the funny things that had happened during the week so I could add them to my scrapbook.

That’s the big piece of advice I have to give for this week…if you want to incorporate journelling into your scrapbook pages, at the very least, jot down some notes as soon as you can after an event.  I’ve written journelling pieces after much time has lapsed but it’s much easier when the memories are fresh in your mind.


2 Responses to "Scrapbook Saturday: Journelling"

Thanks for the journelling suggestion, Stacey – I needed that! I may have things you can use for your scrapbooks – you’ll have to come over & see. What’s a good time to come for supper?

Dude, I love scrapbook nights. Even when I don’t get very
much work done. As always, thanks for all the assistance and help and I will try to journal stuff more.

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