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The Last Address Book I’ll Ever Need

Posted on: January 10, 2011

I have tried several times to keep an accurate address book.  The first time, I tried writing the information down in pencil so it could be easily erased when friends and families moved.  But after a while, it became hard to read, so that technique didn’t work.  I tried keeping it on the computer but the addresses never seemed to get changed and then I sent Christmas and thank you cards to the wrong houses!

I found this idea on a blog that I read regularly and fell in love!  I love that I’ll never have to copy out multiple addresses again (after today, that is).  When someone’s information changes, just take out that card and replace with the new address.  I like the 3×5 inch size because there’s lots of space to add phone numbers, email addresses and birthday information in addition to the mailing address.

I found some card stock I had been saving and cut it to fit 2 3×5 index cards for the front and back of the address book.  I had some 1inch binder clips left over from university so I used one of them to hold all the cards together.  I added a contrasting piece of card stock to frame my name on the front.  I punched holes in the corner of the index cards (my hole punch did 5 at time, just so it’s not so tedious!) and put them onto the binder clip.

And voila…all done!


1 Response to "The Last Address Book I’ll Ever Need"

this is a fantastic idea! thanks for sharing!

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