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The Journey to a Clean(er) Basement

Posted on: January 9, 2011

On Thursday, I felt a huge burden on my shoulders…the weight of the disastrous basement bearing down on me.  Now that my husband has semi-finished the basement and moved his flat screen TV/PS3 downstairs, it’s getting more use and I’m ashamed to let company down there.  It’s mostly all boys so I doubt they even notice once they’re absorbed in the game, but it bothers me…a lot.

I was tired of having to traverse the obstacle course to get to my scrapbook table or the cold storage room.  It was dangerous…one misstep and you could potentially go careening into one of the various piles of stuff.  As the pictures below depict, it easily qualified for the descriptors commonly used by my parents when I was younger…disaster area and pig-sty.

So the baby and I ventured down there; I put him in his jolly jumper…he could be rambunctious, I could be productive and we were both happy.

Four hours later (with a stop for a snack…for both of us) and I was done…for now.  The floor was swept, junk was either thrown away or put away and I was a much happier wife.  I gathered 1.5 bags of garbage, a box of recycling and several boxes of tools for the hubby to sort through…and hopefully move to the garage (which will be an epic post once we get that mess cleaned out!).

Much better, yes?  When hubby got home, I told him I had a surprise for him in the basement.  He was disappointed to learn that, no, it wasn’t a new television.  However, when he got to the basement, his response was two enthusiastic “Wow”s…which if you know my husband, you know that’s pretty good!  Best of all, I no longer instinctively get angry when I enter the basement.

Was it worth the time and effort?  Definitely.  Was it worth the ruined bread dough that I forgot was rising in the oven until after the whole job was done?  Debatable.  Was it worth the sore throat I now have from all the dust?  Almost.


4 Responses to "The Journey to a Clean(er) Basement"

Looks good! No longer a pig sty disaster zone. Your father – whose over the top style of speech is much like your hubby’s – even said “I suppose” when I asked if he thought it was an improvement. In Dale-speak, that’s enthusiasm.

Looks great Stacey, I love getting rid of stuff, and organizing things too, its exhausting though!! Amazing how much stuff we keep!

Wow.. lots of work! You did great. I know it feels great.
I found this from Organize and Decorate Everything.
I’d love for you to stop by and link up to my Organizing Mission – Monday link party. (I keep it open until Sat)

It looks so much better. Basements are so hard to keep decluttered and organized because it’s just so easy to throw things down there. I bet it feels so good to have that done. Thanks for linking to We’re Organized Wednesday.

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