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Christmas Decorating, Part Two!

Posted on: December 2, 2010

Earlier in the week, I told you about the first burst of Christmas decorating that I did around the house.  This past Monday, I did the rest of it, making my home all pretty and sparkly for the holidays!

Hubby put the new LED Christmas lights on the roof…we ended up getting new ones because half of the old strands were burnt out and hubby wasn’t willing to replace all of them.  I bought three strands of new lights and sweated bullets when I got home, worried that they wouldn’t be long enough.  They turned out to be JUST long enough, with the help of an extension cord to go to the outlet in the eavestroph.  I wanted warm white lights, but ended up with pure white ones (more blue-white) after much searching through the boxes at Walmart…anyone who wants multicoloured lights, Walmart in St. Thomas can hook you up!

I added garlands around the main railing on our upper staircase and the railing between our kitchen and sunken family room.  The staircase garland has lights and the other has gold ribbon to accent it.  I added a green sinamay ribbon bow to the post of the staircase…for an extra punch of colour and to prove to myself that I could indeed get the ribbon to stay in a bow!

Our Christmas tree was the last component of our holiday decor and I love it!  I added the new gold, green and cream ornaments to the gold ones from last year and it looks fabulous all lit up (I love having a pre-lit tree!).  The green sinamay ribbon made another appearance here.  I twisted it as I wound it around the tree…our tree is 6′ and 10 yards of ribbon covered it just perfectly!  We don’t have a tree topper because the star kept falling over but I don’t think it looks like it’s lacking.  I’m sorry for the fuzzy picture…I need a tripod.  I’m also not sure why some of the lights look brighter than others in an odd pattern…it does look normal in person!

I don’t really like a fussy tree skirt so instead, I covered an open top box with wrapping paper and some ribbon and put the tree base right into it.  It keeps the base hidden and just looks like another present under the tree!


3 Responses to "Christmas Decorating, Part Two!"

Looks fantastic! I’m glad your mother taught you how to tie a bow …. $:)

[…] year on purpose just for her.  You can see her well decorated and nicely themed tree on her blog here.  I will admit its very lovely, just not my style.  Even the boyfriend looks at our tree now and […]

Love your color scheme! Great idea to use the box around the base. All of it is beautiful.

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