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November Summary/December To-Do

Posted on: December 1, 2010

Let’s see how I did for the month of November!

For Me:
read a new book I read “False Witness” by Randy Singer…pretty good, although one little detail left me unsatisfied, haha…I always think there should be a little romance and it was completely ruined!
continue to work out 4 times a week  Yes, I have been doing this consistently…broke the 400 calorie mark for 30minutes of elliptical training!
add one running workout per week Actually, I’ve been doing 2(!) running workouts per week…I’m doing a Couch-to-5K program

Crafts/Home Decor:
-complete 4 scrapbook pages…I got three done, but I also made six cards for my Mom’s Christmas present and four more for various showers and wedding in the near future
-make new bedside tables…didn’t even get started on this project.  I’m thinking it will be delayed until spring when it is warm enough again for the primer to dry properly
-sew foot cushions for family room…this would be done but I decided they needed some cotton batting added to make them fluffier and I haven’t gotten around to doing this yet

clean/organize spare bedroom  I am SO glad this task is done…I now feel comfortable leaving the door open when company comes and I no longer panic at the thought of unexpected overnight guests!

-try two new recipes…I tried a spinach and tomato pasta recipe (it was okay, not spectacular)

buy non-perishable ingredients/supplies for homemade Christmas gifts Done!  I have six presents wrapped already!
figure out what to do for Christmas cards this year  I had a great plan to get family pictures done and make my own…but that fell by the wayside when I found cute cards (60 for $9) at Shoppers Drug Mart!
apply for passports for baby and myself   I ended up waiting until the last day of the month, but the applications are finally filed!
plan (and host depending on guest availability) Cookie Exchange party  Planning is in process…upcoming blog posts regarding appetizers, favours, cookie recipes after the party!

Now on to December…I’m a little less ambitious this month because of Christmas craziness!

For me:
-continue to exercise as I have been (4 elliptical and 2 running work outs per week)
-read a new book

Crafts/Home Decor:
-finish canvas art for our master bedroom
-complete 4 scrapbook pages
-finish foot cushions for family room

-organize basement…sigh, this seems to reappear on my To-Do list a lot…perhaps we can keep it organized one of these months

-try two new recipes
-try using a new ingredient

-make Christmas presents


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