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Christmas Decorating, Part One

Posted on: November 28, 2010

Well, I posted yesterday that I was going to decorate the house for Christmas last night while my husband was at a movie with friends.  Turns out, I lied.

Not completely, though.  I did get one vase filled and a length of garland tied around the railing between our kitchen and lower-level family room.  Not quite the amount of work I had anticipated doing.  The vase I showed yesterday, I filled with pinecones and some small Christmas ornaments.  I wrapped the stem of the vase with some green apple sinamay ribbon.  I tried FOREVER to get it into a nice bow, but eventually gave up and simply twisted it around the vase and tucked it under at the back.  It actually looks cleaner this way and I’m all about streamlined decor.

This afternoon, I got to work and got a few more things accomplished.  I twisted more sinamay ribbon around the two smaller crystal vases but I haven’t figured out what to put in these ones.  I may pick up some fresh flowers tomorrow when I’m out and about.

Remember my Mirror/Candle Centrepiece?  Well, I left some space for seasonal decor to be added and that’s what I did.  I added some pinecones, ornaments and sinamay ribbons to dress it up for the holiday season.

I also did this little basket that appears to be overflowing with Christmas baubles.  The trick:  I put a small can of tomato paste in the bottom so I didn’t have to use so many ornaments to fill the basket.  I measured the sinamay to go around the basket twice, plus a little.  I wrapped it around the back towards the front, twisted the two ends together twice at the front and wrapped it back towards the back.  I secured it with a twist tie and tucked the edges over the twist tie to hide it.

Tomorrow, we’re tackling the outdoor lights and the Christmas tree (before December 1 no less because hubby is working all week and I want it done before my cookie party on Saturday).  I also have to finish the indoor garlands for the railings so more to come later this week!


2 Responses to "Christmas Decorating, Part One"

wow, that’s just so much decoration. honestly, the only think i can think of when i see that is the fact that I’d have to put it all away again after Christmas. hahaha.

haha…and there’s more to come too! but really, it comes down a lot faster than it goes up.

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