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‘Tis The Season!

Posted on: November 27, 2010

My hubby is going to a movie tonight with some of our friends…and I shall decorate for Christmas…mwahaha!

He has a rule that Christmas decorating shouldn’t begin until at least December 1.  I used to agree with him, but now that I have my own home and creative control over the decor, I have changed my mind.

I began the outdoor decorating right after Remembrance Day, with full intent to have all the decorating done by now…so really, he’s had a Christmas-free house for longer than I wanted but I’m starting to decorate the house tonight.

The first year we were married, I had a whole stockpile of red ornaments and since we were flat broke, the red theme stuck and was embraced.  I had a grand plan to have a different colour theme to my decorating every year until I realized just how expensive it would be to buy new ornaments and table decor every year.  That plan promptly went out of the window.  I decided to go with a gold/cream theme because it would look good with the colours already in our home and I could add an accent colour every year if I wanted.

I went to the Canadale nursery open house this morning (where everything is tax-free this weekend) and found some apple green sinamay ribbon for an excellent price.  I bought two rolls, one for the tree and another for random decorating around the house.  I scored some Christmas ornaments at Canadian Tire for half price…100 pieces for $20, which if you do the math is cheaper than the 4/$1 that you can get at Dollarama!

I also found some crystal vases and candle holders in the basement that we got for our wedding and I had forgotten about, so they’re definitely making an appearance this year!


6 Responses to "‘Tis The Season!"

Seriously, I’m totally going to be like, did you know that while you are watching awesome Harry Potter epicness with us tonight, your wife is at home decorating your house? Muwahahahaha

haha…i’m surprised that you didn’t mock my colour theme

i give up trying to mock the themes, i just try extra hard every year to make my tree as uncoordinated and non-matching as possible so as to make up for all the crazy people with themes.

^ comment = lies and fabrications

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