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A Good Monday Morning

Posted on: November 14, 2010

Some would say that there is no such thing as a good Monday morning.  I disagree.  For me, a good Monday morning starts with a clean kitchen.

Monday is probably by far my most hectic day of the week and as a result, also my most productive.  I go to the gym, get groceries, clean both the bathrooms among other numerous little tasks that need to get done every day.

There is nothing I hate more than coming home with four large reusable bags of groceries to a dirty kitchen with a dishwasher full of clean dishes needing unloading and no counter space because of the unwashed dishes waiting to be loaded.  It puts me in a bad mood faster than anything else I know…just ask my husband, he will definitely vouch for this fact!

The fact that I hate unloading the dishwasher increases the frequency of these bad Monday mornings.  Those days when I buckle down and tidy the kitchen on Sunday evening make my Mondays go so much smoother.


2 Responses to "A Good Monday Morning"

haha, i actually don’t mind monday mornings at all, oddly enough. It’s Wednesdays that I hate because there are only two days behind you in the work week and still two more to go. so bring on mondays, but keep the wednesdays far from me.

this surprises me about you… i definitely would have thought you’d be a monday hater

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