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Sticker Storage

Posted on: November 10, 2010

I have a problem with my scrapbooking stickers…I have too many of them and they are not organized at all.  Half the time that I buy stickers with a specific scrapbook page in mind, they get lost in my box along with all the others and I find them months later, long after the page is finished…and of course, there’s never any space left to add them in!  Here is my collection…you can see why I never could keep track of what I had:

I was browsing www.bhg.com the other day and came across an interesting idea.  I don’t remember what the article was actually about, but it suggested using CD jewel cases to store stickers.  The light bulb above my head went off…I thought, “That’s brilliant and I have tons to those!”  I really should have gotten rid of them years ago because the CDs either have a permanent home in a fabric CD collector or have been long since lost, never to be found again.

I sorted through my stickers and divided them up into the jewel cases, labelling them into categories.  I discovered I have a LOT of Christmas stickers, so for those, I used two empty PC game cases that my husband had been hoarding for ages.  Isn’t this so much better??


5 Responses to "Sticker Storage"

what a fabulous idea. Mine are all just shoved in a plastic storage box (as you’ve seen) and they really could use some better organization as well. they’re going to get bent and wrecked eventually

i know, brilliant, right? i was instantly inspired…i bet you have lots of CD cases you don’t need anymore too

omg, we have TONNES of jewel cases and old game boxes and things of about that size, i could definitely put something together. now…finding the motivation to do so, however…

What a great idea. I love this. Thanks for linking to We’re Organized Wednesday.

Hey, i love this idea. i just organized my scrapbook stickers too, take a look

im going to add a link to this post in my post!

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