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Spring Bulbs…The Hope of a Better Garden

Posted on: November 6, 2010

After posting about my half-successful gardens, I got thinking about what I can do better…I’ve come up with a few strategies.

I’m going to be much less ambitious in my plans.  I’m going to weed out (haha) the vegetables and herbs that I’m not likely to use and that we certainly didn’t use this year:  tarragon, beets, dill and cilantro.

I’m going to scale back on the amount of lettuce and arugula I plant.  My hubby doesn’t eat salad, so we don’t need enough lettuce to feed a family of eight.

I’m going to make sure that none of the seeds I plant are expired, haha.  Seems simple, doesn’t it?  But half the seeds I planted never came up so obviously I should have been more observant in this area.

I’m going to grow my onions from sets instead of seed.  This will dramatically decrease the amount of time they take to sprout so we can enjoy these veggies earlier.

After ripping out the garden, I went out and planted some bulbs so my garden will be full of colour come spring.  I planted some pink tulips and white daffodils that I had purchased earlier in the fall.  We also received some purple crocus bulbs as wedding favours a few weekends ago and since we sat at a table with several people who don’t garden, we ended up with more than our fair share!  I planted some garlic in the back as well…can’t wait to see how this turns out next summer!


1 Response to "Spring Bulbs…The Hope of a Better Garden"

Good thinking, Stacey! Your parents might suggest a few bags of leaves, too.

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