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Cookie Exchange Invitations

Posted on: November 3, 2010

I’m looking forward to hosting my first Cookie Exchange Party this year.  I wanted to last year but I was very pregnant and extremely unmotivated as a result of my nausea-induced fog…also, one of my friends beat me to the punch and invited all the people who would have been on my guest list too!  The fact that I worked every single weekend in December also hindered my plans.

But this year, I’m not pregnant.  Better yet, I’m on maternity leave.  And I’ve sent my invitations out first…checkmate!

With Facebook and email, it would have been really easy to slack off with the invitations, but I personally love getting invitations delivered through the regular postal service so that’s what I did.  Here is what they look like…

I stamped the Christmas trees onto the white paper and coloured them in with markers.  I tore the edges of the paper and added some red Christmas ribbon.  On the inside, I printed the party details and added a recipe card so the guests can write their recipe out and bring it to the party.  Once the party is over, I’ll compile all the recipes and send them back out to the guests.

I’ll be posting more details of the party after the date has passed, including party favours, appetizer recipes, decorations, etc…


2 Responses to "Cookie Exchange Invitations"

i’m very excited for cookies of all kinds. now, i have to start looking for my own recipe…though we all know i may just talk mike into making them for me, haha.

i’d be very impressed if he agrees to it

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