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October Summary/November To-Do

Posted on: November 1, 2010

Things for Me:
-read a new book…started a new book and read about five pages
rent a movie Didn’t rent but borrowed ‘Leap Year’ from my sister…pretty funny and apparently gets better with each subsequent viewing
work out 4 times per week I started after Thanksgiving and am consistently exercising 4 times a week!

Crafts/Home Decor:
-make new bedside tables…not so much…haven’t even touched the MDF to start this project
complete 4 scrapbook pages I did twelve pages…a few of them need journalling added though
-sew foot cushions for family room…haven’t done this either…need to change the needle in my sewing machine and get matching thread

plant garlic Done!
prep garden beds for winter Done!  I planted purple, white and pink spring bulbs…can’t wait to watch them grow!
transplant basil, parsley and sage to indoor pots The basil had black spots and was thrown out.  The sage was transplanted, as was my surprise thyme plant from the backyard.  The parsley was too big to transplant so I harvested it to freeze

better organize scrapbooking area Done, twice!  It was so nicely organized and then we had to use the table for Thanksgiving, so chaos reigned again for a while, but it’s back in order again.  My creative energy will flow much better now!
-reorganize upper kitchen cabinets…three out of four isn’t bad

try two new recipes  I roasted my first turkey and made caramel chocolate cheesecake for Thanksgiving!


For Me:
-read a new book
-continue to work out 4 times a week
-add one running workout per week (I realize this is a bad time of year to start running outdoors…hopefully that won’t deter me)

Crafts/Home Decor:
-complete 4 scrapbook pages
-make new bedside tables
-sew foot cushions for family room

-clean/organize spare bedroom (this room is the bane of my existence in this house…and now that hubby is spending more time in the semi-finished basement, this room MUST get done!)

-try two new recipes

-buy non-perishable ingredients/supplies for homemade Christmas gifts
-figure out what to do for Christmas cards this year
-apply for passports for baby and myself
-plan (and host depending on guest availability) Cookie Exchange party


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