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Reusing Baby Items Packaging

Posted on: October 26, 2010

We buy a lot of baby stuff around here lately…particularly jars of apple sauce, boxes of diapers, cans of formula and canisters of baby wipes.

Previously, the packaging from these items went in the garbage or the recycling but I thought there must be a way to use them instead to tackle our storage issues.

The canisters of diaper wipes, when the lids are removed are the perfect depth to put in our kitchen drawers and now one of them keeps our dishcloths contained and folded properly.

I covered an empty can of baby formula with colourful patterned paper to make a more attractive container.  I pulled the label off, which created a template for the paper I needed to cut, and adhered the patterned paper with spray adhesive.  I used this first example to hold our pancake mix…using this can instead of the box it comes it makes it much easier to scoop out the mix.  I just cut the instructions out and put it in the top of the can!

The diaper boxes are quite sturdy and have handles (!) so I wanted to reuse them…and we’ll be buying lots of them over the next few years so I’ll have lots of storage boxes once we’re done having children and they’re no longer in diapers.

I bought ConTact paper from Walmart for $10 and with the size of the boxes, one roll will cover more than five boxes.  I even managed to find a pattern that coordinated with the wall colour in our master bedroom, since these first boxes will be stored in the closet.  I cut the ConTact paper down to size and added spray adhesive on the box in addition to the adhesive on the paper for a strong bond.  Once the paper was on the box, I reinforced the edges with clear packing tape so they would last.  Admittedly, the design of the diaper box is slightly visible through the ConTact paper but since they’re going in the closet and not in plain view, I decided I could live with it.

I’m still debating what to do with the applesauce jars, apart from storing cooking grease in the kitchen (but we buy one jar of applesauce a week, and certainly don’t create that much grease).  Any ideas??


5 Responses to "Reusing Baby Items Packaging"

Stacey, your great ideas win over Martha Stewart’s anyday!!!

As for the baby jars, when I had a day care I used them for liquid paint for when the kids did art work. I’d buy large containers of paint in various colours and put small amounts in the jars…this way if there was a spill there was no huge mess. Just hold onto them and I’m sure you’ll come up with lots of neat ideas!

that’s a good idea for when baby gets older!

I used them for small craft items – beads, buttons, sequins, etc. But your sister is coming over to organize (probably by throwing things out) my craft cupboard – want any more jars??!

haha, goodness no…i don’t want to throw them out because i know they’ll be good for something and we’re starting to have a collection already

[…] As I mentioned previously here, we have a lot of applesauce jars kicking around from our baby’s dietary needs and I’ve […]

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