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MSGA…My Newest Diagnosis

Posted on: October 20, 2010

Today, I went out to my gardens, and ruthlessly ripped out half the plants in preparation for winter and it got me thinking:  How successful was this year’s gardening venture?

I can say without a doubt it was more successful than my attempt in 2009.  That summer, I sat on the couch as a lump of pregnant goo, too nauseated to think about tending to the gardens because it would take me further than 10 feet from the nearest bathroom.  And I certainly wasn’t in the mood to eat any of the harvest that grew, and then spoiled.  My fave was my dad dropped by for some reason and saying, “You know your gardens are dying, right?”  Yes Dad, I do.  I just don’t care.

This year was marginally more successful.  I had bold plans to produce many vegetables and herbs to use in my cooking and was determined to have better luck with my ornamental garden too.  I created a calendar to tell me exactly when to plant what in order to have vegetables and herbs all summer long and when to start harvesting my crop…yes, I am that kind of person.

Well, only some of these plans were realized.  We had green onions, lettuce, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, carrots, snow peas, peas, beans and arugula aplenty.  My shrubs in the front garden lived this year instead of drying out completely and are now turning lovely shades of red for fall.  The parsley is prolific and never in short supply.  The sage and basil also grew well…although the basil has since developed black spots and was an unfortunate casualty of my garden destruction this morning before I got to make pesto.  The annuals I planted last summer returned and multiplied all over…good thing I didn’t rip them out in the spring, thinking they were weeds.  The gladiolus I planted in the spring were beautiful, if not a little too tall (they fell over a lot).  The thyme plant has finally grown, just in time to be transferred indoors.

Despite all the above successes, there were some failures too.  The chives, tarragon, onions, marjoram, oregano and rosemary never came up.  The peppermint didn’t either, but there’s a reason for that…being as I never actually planted it.  The beets, dill and cilantro did grow, but they withered because I never got around to using them for anything.  The primrose I planted in early spring looked kind of pathetic.  The foxglove from last year never bloomed and the Japanese anemones flowered for only a week.  My big plans to freeze and dry my herbs never panned out.

I’ve diagnosed myself with Mid-Summer Garden Apathy…or MSGA, which I totally just made up right now.  I have great intentions in the spring and am diligent with weeding and maintaining my gardens but by summertime, my discipline completely fades away.  Last summer, I was medicated for severe pregnancy-induced nausea…this year, I have no excuse.


4 Responses to "MSGA…My Newest Diagnosis"

that’s right, you had no excuse. it’s not like you had an infant to take care of or anything, jeez. haha. chill out, compare what you harvested to what i harvested…which was veggies from the produce aisle at the grocery store. break away from the calendar, stace…it’s too confining. and don’t worry about the withered beets. beets are gross….eeewww.

Thyme is a pretty hardy plant. Mine weathered well over a couple winters. As long as your dad doesn’t roto-till it for you in the spring, it should be okay. Save yourself some “time” and skip the indoor transfer. ; )

Don’t beat yourself up. Often severe pregnancy-induced nausea is followed by severe baby-induced fatigue, for which there is no medication, save caffeine, but we all know what happens once you start that vicious cycle!

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