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Our Less Unfinished Basement

Posted on: October 9, 2010

My hubby wanted to have our new flooring installed in the basement by Thanksgiving.  He said this on September 28th when the flooring was delivered by Rona.  12 days before we were scheduled to host my family’s Thanksgiving celebrations.

I believed, at that point, that he could get it done.  But then the plan changed and I was no longer a believer.  He wanted to wire the basement, drywall AND put down the flooring so my young cousin would have a place to spread out with some Lego.

He had his brother come over and wire part of the basement, adding more plugs and wiring for pot lights in the ceiling.  This was October 3…six days prior to Thanksgiving.  He built a stud wall against the concrete on Monday evening (after putting in a full day of renovating work with my grandfather…what a trooper!)

On Tuesday, after another full day of renovating, he started putting up the drywall and finished it Wednesday, with the assistance of one of our friends from church.

On Thursday, he sanded the drywall putty and started laying down the floating floor.

By mid-afternoon on Friday, he had finished the flooring in that section of the basement, moved down his Playstation and one of the TVs from the living room, and cleaned up.  He’s got himself quite a nice little man den in there…and my whole-hearted belief that he can finish a project in less time than I deem necessary if he puts his mind to it!


2 Responses to "Our Less Unfinished Basement"

hey guys, looks great, go Bryan!! but I am sad that the nice TV is in the basement now, haha.

haha, i am a little bit too, but now there’s only one TV up here, which frees up a lot of space! and bryan can game whenever he wants without me losing the digital cable options

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