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Dining Room Mirror Saga

Posted on: October 7, 2010

We have a gorgeous mirror that works perfectly in our dining room and coordinates wonderfully with our glass/expresso wood dining room set.  We just hadn’t done anything with it since we received it.

For a while, it sat leaning up against the dining room wall.  Then, it found its residence in our upstairs spare bedroom.  When our munchkin baby came along, it was banished to his closet for a while.  But this year, I’m hosting Thanksgiving for my side of the family and I was determined to have it in place properly by Saturday afternoon…unlike all those times I said I was determined and then never followed through.

How long has it been, you ask?  Well, we got the mirror in April.  Of 2008.  Two and a half years ago.

I finally got a heavy-duty picture hanging kit from Rona, complete with D-rings, according to the blatant instructions on the back of the mirror.  I had been putting off the mirror installation because I wasn’t terribly clear on the usage of D-rings but finally managed to figure it out (btw…I did an internet search and could find nothing beyond D-rings for sale).  So hubby and I pulled the mirror out this evening and prepared to attach the D-rings to the back of the mirror.  But then, something wonderful happened.  A friend of ours who was over for a scrapbooking fiesta pointed out that the D-rings were already attached…and had been the whole time!  They were covered with paper so they weren’t visible to those who were glancing at the back of the mirror.  Basically, this task could have been done 2.5years ago with little effort.

But I digress.  The mirror was hung and looks fabulous…I’m just sad it took us this long to figure it out!


2 Responses to "Dining Room Mirror Saga"

Beautiful!! Does the reflection make the room look larger too?

yeah…reflects the light from the chandelier too

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