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The Disaster Project that Dragged On and On!

Posted on: October 6, 2010

I was going to give this post a very generic, boring title:  Kitchen Shelving Unit…because that’s what it is.  Or was supposed to be.  I have edited this post so many times I can’t even count anymore…but finally, I have stumbled on a solution for my storage problems.  Please, read on…

We have a very awkward space between where our kitchen cabinets end and the corner of the wall.  This space is like no-man’s land; it doesn’t get used for much except for collecting random junk that really should belong elsewhere.  It’s where I keep my massive 20lb bag of flour, and bags of onions and potatoes but it’s not very functional.  I decided that I needed a shelving unit to fit there to serve a few purposes:  to store the flour, potatoes and onions, to store my recipe books in a more accessible place.  It will also free up space on my kitchen counter because I can put the phone and housekeeping binder on top. (I lost the before picture, so I can’t show you what the pile of stuff looked like!)

I used my Rona gift cards (yay for AirMiles redemptions!) to buy some MDF for this, and several other projects.  My wonderful father cut it for me and for this project, I used 2 pieces of 28×12″ and 3 pieces of 24×12″ MDF.  I glued them together with construction adhesive, constructing the form first and then gluing the shelf in place.  I added some finishing nails just to hold everything in place, but don’t use nails that are excessively long or it will split the MDF…learned that lesson quickly!  I then primed the shelf with two coats of primer because MDF is very absorbent.  After this, I painted it with two coats of white spray paint…in hindsight, I would have painted the pieces of MDF before assembling them, but before I clued in to that fact, it was too late.

Then, the horror struck.  I was so excited about my shelf that I brought it inside before I had put the legs on and put it in place, wanting to see what it would look like….only to discover that it DIDN’T FIT!!!  ARGH!

I had mis-measured and the shelf jutted out beyond the edge of the kitchen cabinets, just waiting to gouge unsuspecting passers-by.  So the shelving unit was dismantled and shipped back to the cut shop of Dad to be cut to the proper length.  This time, I added another coat of paint to cover the scuff marks from taking it apart before gluing/nailing it back together.  For some reason, it didn’t work as well this time…that or I got frustrated more quickly so hubby took over and assembled the unit for me before I threw everything in the garbage in anger.  I used wood filler to cover the nail holes and to smooth out the joints, and added a little more paint to cover the wood filler.

I wanted to put legs on it to protect my  laminate wood floor and had my eye on some stainless steel furniture legs.  But they were $23 for 2 and I needed four, so there was NO WAY I was forking over $46 for the legs when the shelving unit itself didn’t cost that much.  So instead, I bought a piece of 1-inch dowelling and spray painted it metallic silver.  I had my dad cut the dowel down to 5.5 inch lengths to create six legs and glued them on with construction adhesive as well.

I was ready to see how it fit…and once again…it didn’t.  It didn’t line up with the kitchen cabinets because the two different types of flooring underneath (laminate hardwood and vinyl tile) aren’t the same heights….grrr.  Also, the white paint was just the wrong shade so it looked terrible against the cabinets.  It was a disaster….all my hard work for nothing!

So the shelf I built was banished to the basement…I knocked the legs back off and it’s now in my scrapbooking area, holding all kinds of crafting goodies (actually, I’m glad to have it there).

I still desperately wanted something to put in that awkward space in the kitchen…so when I unexpectedly found a $25 Zellers gift card while cleaning up for Thanksgiving, I skipped on off to Zellers, determined to find something that fit.  I considered a plastic drawer unit but it was just a tiny bit too wide (and would have looked cheap anyways).  I was about to give up and leave when I found a cabinet that would fit PERFECTLY!  I called the hubby to make sure that it would indeed fit and then immediately bought it!

I put it together when I got home (I hate when the guide says there should be pre-drilled holes and there aren’t!) and had to take the baseboard moulding off…but it doesn’t show because the cabinet covers it up quite nicely.  Eventually, I’ll probably replace the handles to match the stainless steel handles of the kitchen cabinets but for now, I’m just happy that it’s there and done.  It holds all our potatoes and onions, and my little cookbooks…with room to spare.  And check out how much room I have on the counter by my mixer!  Baking will no longer be a cramped process!


8 Responses to "The Disaster Project that Dragged On and On!"

aw, the “message centre” has a new home…how nice ;D
i would like you to know, that i refuse to read the blogs of people I know(i find people over share-but i do read stranger for decorating ideas haha)…except yours, haha.

haha, awww, thanks….i’ll try to make sure i don’t overshare in the future!

no worries, you have yet to over-share. i would boycott it as well if you did ;D

NICE! Now let’s see if your father wonders where the unit he worked on – twice – is. Did you tell him what it was for in the first place?

I can’t remember if I did or not….either way, it is being useful

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