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My First Thanksgiving….Eeepp!

Posted on: October 4, 2010

This year, I volunteered to host my family’s Thanksgiving celebrations…which means that in five short days, 14 people will descend on my house, expecting some delicious turkey, which I have never cooked before.  You can see why I might be terrified petrified a tiny bit anxious!  But it could be worse.  I could be not on maternity leave and have to juggle planning with work.  I could be expecting my husband’s extended family, which would bump the numbers to an astronomical 28!

Usually, when I host dinner parties, I like to have control over the menu and when people ask what they can bring, I reply, “Oh just yourselves.  Don’t worry about anything else.”  However, for the sake of my sanity, I have released control over the side dishes and desserts to my mother, grandmother and aunts.  Huge weight lifted.

My house is already pretty clean thanks to my naptime cleaning blitz today, so my mantra for the next week is “Keep it that way!”  We’ll see how hubby and baby feel about that plan.  I have more little cleaning projects to do:  decluttering our TV cabinet and coffeetable, cleaning our stainless steel utensils with vinegar but those shouldn’t take too much time (hopefully).

I have ordered the turkey, and then called to ask for a bigger one when the guest list expanded.  I tried to tell my husband that since I don’t eat stuffing, I shouldn’t have to make it, but that idea didn’t fly for some reason.  Oh well.  I also have to make a cheesecake for my husband’s family’s Thanksgiving on Sunday.

Seasonal decor will be minimal but I’m searching for centrepiece ideas for our tables…another thing to add to my to-do list:  moving our folding table upstairs.  I have arranged for extra chairs already, yay!

Hubby is continuing in his quest to have the basement flooring down by Saturday.  His brother came over and they wired the one area of the basement, putting in more plugs for eventual use in the future and they bought drywall.  So what started as a simple flooring project here has snowballed into an electrical/drywall/flooring project with a deadline of five days from today.  I have my doubts, but we’ll see, I guess!


7 Responses to "My First Thanksgiving….Eeepp!"

You can diss it all you want, but while I am also making a thanksgiving dinner this weekend, there are no worries at all. Woo hoo for pre stuffed butterball, self-basting turkeys. Extra stuffing from Stove Top and we’re all good to go. Mmmm……food that didn’t take hours of planning and stress.

hahaha…it’s not just the food i’m stressing about…i’m sure i can make a fabulous turkey…i just haven’t before

you will done fine! its a good way to break yourself in for hosting Christmas! ;D
Centerpiece. I was looking yesterday…
cheap but cute! and you can use them for on the stairs for halloween too!

Every Thanksgiving on my Dad’s side of the family is not complete without cute little fancy gourd tea light holders. Just grab a bunch of those fancy little gourds you can buy at the grocery store (both the mini-pumpkin and ugly-weird kinds work great!). Figure out which way they like to sit level on the table. Get a 1½ inch drill bit and drill straight down about the depth of a tea light candle. (If you don’t have the right drill bit this could also be done with a knife and a spoon.) Bigger gourds can hold multiple tea lights. Pop the tea light in, light it up and voila! They look great scattered amidst the dinner table, grouped as a centerpiece or on any candle-safe surface you’d like to decorate.

Here’s a website that shows something similar: http://www.ehow.com/how_4500053_make-gourd-squash-luminaries.html

oooh, I’ll have to try those. my grandma is dropping off a bunch of them that she has tomorrow!

Well Stacey . . . if it makes you feel any better . . . one aunt who is coming has yet to cook a turkey again after her first try (about 15 years ago). Yours can only be far, far better than that 🙂 I invited a houseful of guests and the bottom element in the oven broke. I pulled the turkey out looking wonderful and golden brown, only to cut into a raw layer of meat under that wonderful skin! AHHHHH . . . so I will sit back and enjoy and cheer you on and be very proud of you 🙂

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