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September Summary/October To-Do

Posted on: October 1, 2010

Well, October is a new month, but let’s look at how I did with my ambitious to-do list for September:

Things for Me:
read a new book Stephen Colbert’s I Am America (And So Can You)…some parts are funny…others are not
continue to work out 4 times a week my use of the word ‘continue’ is rather misleading…I had been working out regularly but stopped halfway through August…trying to get back into it currently
get a hair cut done!

Crafts/Home Decor:
-finish my kitchen shelving units…I’m hoping to finish it tonight and post about it tomorrow night
complete 4 scrapbook pages I did seven pages!
-make foot cushions for family room…the fabric is measured, cut and pinned so it’s ready to go, I just have to actually sew them!
make card for upcoming wedding it even coordinates with their wedding colours!

-clean up front garden bed…didn’t get this done, but I decided it didn’t look bad.  my summer annuals are still blooming
-transfer herbs to indoor pots… my indoor herbs died before I could this…I’ll try transplanting the basil, sage and parsley in October

organize lower kitchen cabinets I no longer have to fight the urge to throw things every time I have to find something in the cabinet
declutter laundry area I blogged about it here and am SO glad this is done!

buy a new ingredient I haven’t used before I made ribs for my hubby’s birthday!
try two new recipes I made oven-roasted tomatoes and a tomato/onion penne pasta recipe
make baby food for my son I made pears, peaches, carrots, peas and sweet potatoes for my munchkin…I was going to make applesauce too, but got lazy and bought a jar of natural applesauce instead…for $1.50, I saved myself a lot of work!

decide what I will make for Christmas presents this year I have decided on what to make, and I’m very excited about it…I can’t tell you yet obviously, because some recipients read this but I will definitely do a post about it after the holidays

New List for October:
Things for Me:
-read a new book
-rent a movie
-work out 4 times per week

Crafts/Home Decor:
-make new bedside tables
-complete 4 scrapbook pages
-sew foot cushions for family room

-plant garlic
-prep garden beds for winter
-transplant basil, parsley and sage to indoor pots

-better organize scrapbooking area
-reorganize upper kitchen cabinets

-try two new recipes


3 Responses to "September Summary/October To-Do"

nice! you did well! I do daily lists….and hardly ever finish…maybe a monthly one would be more realistic.
priority one, meet Drew ;D

that is a good priority to have at number one!

LOL! you know it!

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