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Basement Flooring

Posted on: September 28, 2010

We went to Rona on Sunday for a spur-of-the-moment shopping trip.  They were having a Buy Two, Get One Free flooring and paint event and my hubby wanted to check out the flooring options for our basement.  We weren’t sure we were going to buy, but we ended up finding a walnut laminate that will look nice.

My original thought was to get a light-toned flooring because it’s going to be in a basement and darker wood might make it too dark because there’s no natural light.  But all the light-toned flooring in our price range looked super cheap and not very durable.  So we ended up getting the walnut, which actually is close to the colour of the laminate in our upstairs great room….except with more wood grain visible.

My husband has the rather ambitious goal of having the floor in by Thanksgiving, which is a short 12 days away.  If the basement was empty, this would be a much easier task, but it’s definitely not empty.  Much (more) decluttering will be necessary, which is good, because my deadline for this month’s Decluttering Challenge is rapidly approaching and I’m not at my goal yet!  I’ll write an update later to see the ‘after’ pictures and let you know if we met the timeline!


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Maybe a bit stressful at this point, Stacey….but just think how much fun it will be to scrapbook the first Thanksgiving you hosted in your own home…once it’s all over!! Good luck!!

Thanks Nancy! I have big plans for a scrapbook page!

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