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New Storage Furniture!

Posted on: September 21, 2010

Today, I decided to tackle my laundry area, since it was one of the things I committed to doing in my to-do list for September…that and I was tired of having to step over and around things while doing laundry.  My in-laws passed on a storage cabinet that they no longer had use for, so we happily picked it up and hubby assembled it in the basement.

I discovered something when I was organizing…there are two things I will never have to buy again:
1.  gift bags
2.  tissue paper
Seriously, it’s ridiculous.  Any event or occasion, I have a gift bag to suit.  It’s a testament to the generosity of our friends and family but now I have to figure out how to story them all.  I have an inability to throw away tissue paper that isn’t completely destroyed.  I have two whole boxes of it.

Ironically, no laundry-related items actually went into the cabinet…it was too full of gift items and other miscellaneous items.  I have big plans for the cabinet down the road.  I’m hoping to paint it white and put some funky red patterned wallpaper in panels on the doors.  I’ve decided I want my laundry room to be red some day (a very long time in the future, haha!).


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