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Goodbye, Clementine Box!

Posted on: September 12, 2010

We have a small island with some open shelving and it’s very handy for storing cooking oils and vinegars but for one small problem:  it’s open shelving, so one small jostle of the island would send the fragile bottle skittering across the floor.  Shockingly, cleaning oil off my kitchen floor is not on my list of favourite things to do.  So a while ago, I grabbed a clementine box left over from Christmas, painted it black and put the oils and vinegar in it to prevent the above disaster.

It’s not terribly functional though.  The bottle are just a tad too big so they don’t fit extremely well, so it’s difficult to get them in and out.  I needed a new solution.

I bought some doweling during my latest trip to Rona so I could make guard-bars to prevent the bottles from sliding off the shelf.  I spray painted them with metallic silver paint to match the handles and towel bar on the island.  Hubby cut them to size for me and I glued them in place with construction adhesive…actually, they didn’t really even need glue because they fit very tightly.  The overall finished product is much prettier!  The cookbooks are going to have a new home soon…in an upcoming project.


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