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365 in 365: August

Posted on: August 31, 2010

It’s time for another Decluttering Challenge update.  At the beginning of August, I decided to tackle our front entry closet.  I found a pair of running shoes that I bought way back in 2002 for nursing school clinical…I think I spent a fortune on them, wore them twice, decided that they were feet killers and they have never been worn again (obviously, these were discarded, along with a pair of sandals that have been broken for a few summers but I haven’t had the heart to part with them, determined that I would fix them even though I bought sandals to replace them already).

I also did some de-cluttering in the basement yesterday, but didn’t get very far…the traffic flow is somewhat impeded by our suitcases from our recent vacation.  I did find a box of things I had already decided to get rid of and added some stamps and sewing patterns I know I won’t be using again.

Here is the tally for August:
clothing:  9 
miscellaneous: 11
books: 1 
decor: 2
craft items:  14

My total for August is 37, which brings my running total to 92!


4 Responses to "365 in 365: August"

Can you count all the stuff your father removed from the garage in order to access the car you said he could borrow?

Haha…I hadn’t thought of that…not to mention all the stuff he removed from said car itself

So yeah, we totally have you beat over here. Yesterday we took about five boxes of stuff and two clothes baskets full of sheets and pillowcases to the Salvation Army, got rid of an old barbeque, three broken lawn chairs, an old desk and mike has sold more than $200 dollars worth of stuff on Kijiji.

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