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Attack of the Killer Weeds…with a Side of Pink Flamingo!

Posted on: August 5, 2010

This spring, our yard experienced the springtime curse of those ugly yellow weeds that normally appear every year…dandelions.  My husband (bless his heart) spend many an hour in our front and back yards, pulling these little buggers to rid us of the infestation.  Well, they’re back now, with a deadly vengeance.  The new crop of dandelions have prickly leaves, not unlike a thorny thistle…a mild version of such.  They are ALL OVER the lawn, front and back, just waiting for you to walk by so they can brush your ankle with their deadly leaves, leaving you with an itchy rash. 

Every other lawn (with the exception of our immediate neighbour on one side)  is  perfectly manicured with thick green grass and I wonder what we did wrong.  We overseeded the lawn in the spring, but it didn’t take.  These weeds must be dealt with this summer, because next summer, we’re going to have a toddler in the house, who no doubt is not going to want to spend his summer cooped up in the house.  And quite frankly, I don’t want to be THAT neighbour with the terrible lawn.

So this afternoon, I ventured out into the great wild weed patch to deal with these weeds and quickly got disheartened.  The new dandelions are extremely difficult to pull up properly.  Almost every time I went to pull one, the root ended up snapping off right at ground level or even below.  Which means two things:  it was impossible for me to then pull the rest of the root out, and that they will return eventually.  Sigh.  I endured about half an hour of this madness before I had to quit.  My saving grace is that I’m home alone with the baby during the day and therefore had no one to put sunscreen on my back.  So for the sake of having non-cancerous skin (and my sanity, since I was about to scream in frustration), I had to stop.

I trudged around to the front of the house, my heart heavy because I knew it was going to be many days of this type of work before the yard would be weed free again.  However, my spirits were lifted…I wasn’t going to be the neighbour with the ugly yard after all.  I was about to go inside when I noticed this from the corner of my eye:

About five doors down, the lawn is COVERED in bright pink flamingos (this was the best zoom my camera could get from my house…I walked down the street a short ways but there were people on the porch next to the offending house and I didn’t want to be THAT kind of neighbour either!).  There are 40 of them…that’s right, I counted!  I don’t know if all of these flamingos are staying permanently, but for now, I don’t have the ugliest lawn!


2 Responses to "Attack of the Killer Weeds…with a Side of Pink Flamingo!"

honestly, if it makes you feel better, i never even planted anything, half our backyard is packed down dirt, the weeds are so big along the driveway and the fence that they could easily pass for trees and i only cut the grass when the dandelions (and other such non-grass things) have reached knee height. i never feel particularly motivated enough after work to do more work. plus, on one side of me is the most redneck people i’ve ever seen and their yard is full of random junk. so it’s not so bad. your yard is lovely.

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