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Stenciled Wall Treatment

Posted on: August 1, 2010

I’ve been wanting for a while to do some sort of wall treatment in our master bedroom.  I wanted to create a feature wall of sorts, but didn’t want anything too dramatic.  I wracked my brain for ages, trying to come up with something…until I found this idea, and fell in love!

I started by creating my own stencil out of thin cardboard…this was the easy part!  I left little tabs so that the stencil inside and outside would stay together and just freehanded those small sections while I was painting.  I picked up some acrylic paint and a paintbrush at Michael’s, since I wanted a shimmery colour and didn’t have anything appropriate at home.  Also, the only paintbrush we had was tiny…and for the sake of my sanity, I wanted a thicker one.

I drew the pattern on the wall with the help of my stencil and a watercolour pencil (which made it really easy to fix any errors!)…this probably took me about an hour and a half all told.  I didn’t really time how long it took and I took several breaks for lunch and to play with baby.  After that began the truly frustrating part of the process…testing the paint.  I discovered that I didn’t really like the colour I had chosen after painting two of the shapes, and of course by that time, half the paint was already dry and would not come off!  The paint colour was too dark for my tastes so I tried to lighten it by adding some white paint, but this didn’t really do the trick.

Thankfully, we had some leftover paint in the basement left by the builders so I painted over my first two attempts.  Since I wanted something a little more subtle, I tried mixing some of the original paint with some acrylic varnish to give it a shimmer.  Well, this was too subtle.  I tried adding some black paint to make it a little darker, and this was closer to what I wanted.  One more squirt of black paint and I was ready!

Five hours, and a massively numb foot later, I was finished.  I wasn’t too fussy about staying completely within the lines, again for the sake of my sanity but just let the brush splay out as I went because it was just about the right width.  The most difficult part was painting along the baseboards because my foot went completely numb by the time I was finished.  But despite having to hobble around for a while afterwards, I love the new wall treatment more every time I look at it!


5 Responses to "Stenciled Wall Treatment"

Neat!! So how come the artistic talent skipped a generation (mine)?

I don’t know…but my artistic talent is somewhat limited, not quite up to par with steph’s

it looks awesome, Stace, I love it. the colours are great and it really spruces it up.

thanks, you’ll have to check it out at the next scrapbook night

looks great! love the metallic shimmer! i so need to try this.

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